Our people are what makes our services to clients great.  Inkomoko invests in our colleagues -- both to find the right talent and to create an environment where all our colleagues can thrive.  Here are some of the benefits we offer at Inkomoko:


We celebrate and support each other and We Eat Goat together.

Inclusion & Diversity

We are a vibrant team with diverse backgrounds that complement each other.

Sabbatical Leave

We provide a 3 months paid Sabbatical leave to our staff who have been with INKOMOKO for +5 years to refresh.

A Conducive Work Environment

We provide an open, safe and functional space for our staff.

Job Rotation

We support colleagues to explore their passions and test new opportunities inside INKOMOKO.

Parental Leave

We provide leave for new parents - regardless of gender. New fathers, partners, or adoptive parents are all eligible for 8 weeks paid new parent leave.

Happiness Audit

We hold open and honest conversations to understand what motivates the team and to proactively address challenges faced by employees
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