Impact Stories

Elizabeth Lueth Nyanluak

Despite being a woman, abled differently, Elizabeth has made her mark as a notable entrepreneur who has defied the odds to achieve success. While she has had to face significant challenges, she has used her unique perspective and adaptive skills

Muvura Wood: A testimony of quality, innovation, and social responsibility

Muvura Wood Ltd. is a family business that specializes in making quality doors and furniture from Muvura Wood, a durable and beautiful hardwood. The company is located in Gisozi, Rwanda, and has been operating since 1980 under the name of

Paul Hakizimana’s journey of money transfer and business growth in Kigeme camp

Paul Hakizimana Ndayambaje was born in Congo, but he had to flee his country when war broke out. He and his family found refuge in Kigeme camp in Rwanda, where they hoped to start a new life. Paul had finished

How four refugee friends baked their way to success in Rwanda

In the Southern Province of Rwanda, near the entrance of the Mugombwa refugee camp, stands a small bakery that emanates the delightful aroma of freshly baked donuts (locally called amandazi).  Sirius Group Bakery is not just any bakery—it is a

Emerance Umutesi: A young entrepreneur who promotes Rwanda’s cultural  tourism

Emerance Umutesi is a young woman who has a passion for Rwandan culture and tourism. She runs a business that sells “Made in Rwanda” products in Huye market, one of the largest in the country. Her products include cultural items

From tomatoes to triumph: Claire Ocholla’s journey of entrepreneurial success.

Claire Ocholla, a determined 40-year-old mother of three living in Eldoret county, has embarked on an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey. Starting as a tomato seller in 2013, Claire began by purchasing just 2 crates of tomatoes and selling them in the

Burume Machumu: Woodcrafting refugee shares stories through sculptures

Burume Machumu is a refugee sculptor and storyteller who lives in Kiziba camp. He left DRC in 2003 with his wife and children, losing everything he had. He learned sculpting from a relative as an orphaned teenager.  He did not

Ornella Uwase’s inspirational journey to success as owner of Calibou Coffee and advocate for youth opportunities.

Ornella Uwase, a wife and mother of two children, is the owner of Calibou Coffee. From a young age, she was interested in entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. After graduating from university with a degree in tourism and hospitality, she

Abdigani Ahmed, a Garissa-based livestock trader, expands horizons in global markets.

Climate change has been a major challenge for livestock traders like Abdigani in Garissa, Kenya. Drought has become more frequent and intense, making it difficult for livestock traders to find enough food and water for their animals. As a result,

From refugee to business success: The journey of transformation and empowerment from Tumaini Bamurange

Tumaini Bamurange, a resilient and determined Congolese refugee residing in the Nyabiheke refugee camp, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation and empowerment. As a wife and mother of three children, she faced the daunting challenge of generating income to