Impact Stories

The Story of Elizabeth Lueth

Elizabeth Lueth Nyanluak’s story embodies the strength of determination and resilience. Originally from South Sudan, Elizabeth has been a resident of Kakuma refugee camp since its inception in 1992.  In the face of challenges, Elizabeth has emerged as a remarkable

From TikTok to Thriving Enterprise: Seher Fuad’s Resilient Entrepreneurial Tapestry

In March 2024, Inkomoko’s comms team in Ethiopia met with clients to learn more about their experiences in our new program focused on urban refugees and internally displaced people in Addis. Seher Fuad was kind enough to let us share

Mesfin Getahun: Refugee Entrepreneur, Job Creator, Community Leader

This Labour Day, we spotlight incredible client success stories like Mesfin. Mesfin Getahun Gebreyohanis is a force for economic empowerment within Kakuma refugee camp. His enterprise directly employs 51 individuals, drawn from both the refugee and host communities. These jobs

Unlocking Kakuma’s market: Refugee entrepreneurs and Eldoret Suppliers forge new connection

Adelle Mubalama’s tailoring shop in the Kakuma Refugee Camp is a whirlwind of activity. Fabrics in vibrant African prints hang alongside neatly finished garments, and the buzz of sewing machines fills the air. For Adelle, a refugee from the Democratic

Vitaline’s inspiring journey from street hawker to entrepreneurial triumph

The oranges from Vitaline Jemaiyo Kiprop’s plastic basket spilled onto the high street.  There was one in a road-side puddle that bobbed a bit as the traffic went by in the Central Business District.  The others had rolled under cars,

Rising from the Ashes: Gisele and Fatuma’s Inspiring Stories of Resilience

Despite being separated by hundreds of kilometers and coming from different faiths and communities, Gisele and Fatuma are united by a shared spirit of triumphing over challenges. Gisele Nyiraberwa, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Rwanda,

Elizabeth Lueth Nyanluak

Despite being a woman, abled differently, Elizabeth has made her mark as a notable entrepreneur who has defied the odds to achieve success. While she has had to face significant challenges, she has used her unique perspective and adaptive skills

Muvura Wood: A testimony of quality, innovation, and social responsibility

Muvura Wood Ltd. is a family business that specializes in making quality doors and furniture from Muvura Wood, a durable and beautiful hardwood. The company is located in Gisozi, Rwanda, and has been operating since 1980 under the name of

Paul Hakizimana’s journey of money transfer and business growth in Kigeme camp

Paul Hakizimana Ndayambaje was born in Congo, but he had to flee his country when war broke out. He and his family found refuge in Kigeme camp in Rwanda, where they hoped to start a new life. Paul had finished

How four refugee friends baked their way to success in Rwanda

In the Southern Province of Rwanda, near the entrance of the Mugombwa refugee camp, stands a small bakery that emanates the delightful aroma of freshly baked donuts (locally called amandazi).  Sirius Group Bakery is not just any bakery—it is a

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