Impact Stories

Ornella Uwase’s inspirational journey to success as owner of Calibou Coffee and advocate for youth opportunities.

Ornella Uwase, a wife and mother of two children, is the owner of Calibou Coffee. From a young age, she was interested in entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. After graduating from university with a degree in tourism and hospitality, she

Abdigani Ahmed, a Garissa-based livestock trader, expands horizons in global markets.

Climate change has been a major challenge for livestock traders like Abdigani in Garissa, Kenya. Drought has become more frequent and intense, making it difficult for livestock traders to find enough food and water for their animals. As a result,

From refugee to business success: The journey of transformation and empowerment from Tumaini Bamurange

Tumaini Bamurange, a resilient and determined Congolese refugee residing in the Nyabiheke refugee camp, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation and empowerment. As a wife and mother of three children, she faced the daunting challenge of generating income to

Tried -And -True path to success : The inspiring story of Maryam Malin

Maryam is a remarkable woman, a successful business owner, and a devoted mother. Her journey began when she was just ten years old and started working with her mother, selling everyday items such as sugar, soap, and cigarettes in their

From small-scale farmer to potato exporter: The inspiring story of Aline Uwineza

Aline Uwineza, a mother of three, started her journey as a small-scale potato farmer selling 200 kg of potatoes for 50,000 RWF ($45) in the Musanze market. With the aim of providing high-quality products to her clients, she expanded her

Fardosa’s Journey: From fleeing war in Somalia to establishing a successful business in Dadaab refugee camp.

Fardosa Hussein is a 37-years refugee woman who fled the war in Somalia with her 9 children and sought refuge in Dadaab in 2011. Life in the refugee camp was tough, and Fardosa had to work hard to provide for

From fleeing Burundi to building a business: Aniella’s journey as a refugee entrepreneur in Rwanda

Aniella is a Burundian refugee who fled her home country in 2015 to seek safety and shelter in the Mahama camp in Rwanda. As a wife and mother of three children, Aniella was forced to leave behind her career as

Ahmed’s journey to a successful livestock business in Assosa, Ethiopia

In the small community of Assosa, where livestock is a crucial business, Ahmed, a young 28-year-old entrepreneur, passionate businessman, and father to three kids, has been working tirelessly to make a living selling goats. Having grown up surrounded by goats

Oscar Nzeyimana: Building a sustainable future with bamboo entrepreneurship

Oscar Nzeyimana is an ambitious 29-year-old entrepreneur, family man, and founder of Mon Bamboo Ltd in Rubavu District dedicated to making bamboo products. Visitors can observe firsthand the transformation of bamboo into elegant home decor pieces such as furniture, baskets,

From struggling start-up to thriving laundry service: Devki Kawa’s inspiring journey with Mr Jeff Laundry and Inkomoko Kenya.

How one entrepreneur transformed her business through innovative technology and expert guidance. Devki Kawa always had a passion for entrepreneurship, but when she became the Operations Director of Mr Jeff Laundry in May 2021, she quickly realized that she needed

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