Ahmed’s journey to a successful livestock business in Assosa, Ethiopia

In the small community of Assosa, where livestock is a crucial business, Ahmed, a young 28-year-old entrepreneur, passionate businessman, and father to three kids, has been working tirelessly to make a living selling goats. Having grown up surrounded by goats and a small family livestock business, he never gave up on his dream of starting his own venture, despite facing numerous challenges along the way.

Ahmed’s family struggled to maintain their small livestock business, often providing credit to customers without receiving payment in return. As a result, the business eventually failed, forcing Ahmed to work various unpredictable jobs to care for his parents. After getting married and starting his own family, Ahmed faced even more financial hardships while providing for his family’s essential needs.


Despite the failure of his family’s business and the changing economic climate, Ahmed’s dream of starting his own livestock business persisted. Three years ago, he decided to take the plunge and asked his friends for a start-up loan. With their support, Ahmed received 30,000 birr (550 dollars) and began his goat-selling business with just three goats. Within two and a half years, he expanded the number of goats to ten.


As his business grew, Ahmed tried to avoid the mistakes he believed his parents made, but in doing so, he encountered new issues with market stakeholders and customers. Realizing the need for more knowledge and skills to run a successful business, he joined Inkomoko, which provided relevant business advisory services.


Through Inkomoko’s training and consultancy, Ahmed learned essential business skills, such as customer service, bookkeeping, inventory management, and financial management. These skills have helped him manage his finances, sustain his business, and provide for his family, including building a comfortable home for them.


Reflecting on the impact of Inkomoko’s support, Ahmed said, “Their guidance has truly changed my life and the lives of those around me. With their help, I’ve been able to improve my business, make a better living, and contribute to the well-being of our community.”


“My business allows me to take care of my family and to pay for my children’s school fees.  With the support of Inkomoko, I want to improve the way I do business, make more profit and build a house for my family,” Ahmed added. 


Ahmed’s business continues to thrive and he is now looking forward  to increasing the number of goats he offers to the market and expanding his herd to include cows and oxen.


Ahmed’s story is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the right support. With Inkomoko’s assistance, he has successfully transformed his dream into a thriving business, securing a better future for himself and his family.

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