From struggling start-up to thriving laundry service: Devki Kawa’s inspiring journey with Mr Jeff Laundry and Inkomoko Kenya.

How one entrepreneur transformed her business through innovative technology and expert guidance.

Devki Kawa always had a passion for entrepreneurship, but when she became the Operations Director of Mr Jeff Laundry in May 2021, she quickly realized that she needed more knowledge and skills to run a successful business. Based in Kongowea, Mombasa Kenya, Mr Jeff Laundry is an app-based laundry service that provides customers with a convenient, Uber-like model for ordering laundry services without ever stepping foot inside a traditional laundry shop.

Despite its innovative approach and promising potential, Mr Jeff Laundry struggled to make an impact in the competitive industry. That all changed when Devki attended an Inkomoko Kenya workshop, which introduced her to their game-changing business advisory services.

Embracing Inkomoko Kenya’s Expertise

Devki eagerly enrolled in sales and marketing, digital marketing, and finance services offered by Inkomoko Kenya. These trainings equipped her with the skills to manage customer relations, process sales orders, and run targeted advertising campaigns. She also learned how to understand client needs, package services accordingly, and streamline accounting and taxation procedures.

As a result, Devki expanded Mr Jeff Laundry’s reach through social media, growing her clientele and online presence. This newfound success led to a surge in demand and the hiring of three permanent staff members to manage the workload.

Expansion and a Bright Future

With her business thriving, Devki began exploring expansion opportunities, focusing on commercial clients such as hotels, Airbnb’s, clubs, and hospitals. By tapping into Mombasa’s thriving tourist and hotel industries, Mr Jeff Laundry is poised to establish lucrative, long-term partnerships and further enhance its reputation.

This expansion requires investment in more machines and additional staff, but with the continued support of Inkomoko Kenya, Devki is confident in her ability to grow and serve even more clients.

Impressive Growth and Gratitude

Before joining Inkomoko Kenya, Mr Jeff Laundry received just two orders per day. Now, Devki sees between 10-15 daily orders, a 25% increase in sales, and an expanded customer base spanning Mtwapa, Likoni, and the South Coast.

Devki is grateful for the impact Inkomoko Kenya has had on her business and looks forward to continued growth and success.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional value provided by the organization. Initially, we only anticipated learning more about how to handle certain matters, but what we received far exceeded our expectations,” she says.

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