From refugee to business success: The journey of transformation and empowerment from Tumaini Bamurange

Tumaini Bamurange, a resilient and determined Congolese refugee residing in the Nyabiheke refugee camp, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation and empowerment. As a wife and mother of three children, she faced the daunting challenge of generating income to sustain her family’s needs. With a deep sense of resourcefulness, Tumaini and her husband sought a way to utilize their available resources, ultimately finding hope in the realm of farming.

Their initial plan was to cultivate potatoes and sell goats, but they encountered a significant obstacle—the soil proved to be unsuitable for the growth of this particular crop. Despite this setback, Tumaini and her husband refused to be discouraged. They made a strategic decision to switch gears and focus on beans and cassava farming instead, recognizing the high demand for beans within the camp.

However, even with this shift in crops, Tumaini faced difficulties in fully realizing the potential of her land. Limited knowledge and the burden of working alone hindered her progress. It was in 2017 that her journey took a positive turn when she became part of Inkomoko. 

Through our program, Tumaini acquired invaluable knowledge on transforming traditional agriculture into a profitable business. “Through Inkomoko’s guidance, I learned how to transform traditional agriculture into a profitable business. I gained valuable insights on increasing production by adopting innovative approaches and long-term planning. Inkomoko’s business advisors recommended that I acquire a cow to obtain natural fertilizers for improving the soil. Furthermore, they suggested that I collaborate with other small farmers by allowing them to use my land and subsequently sharing the harvest.” Said Tumaini bamurange.

Additionally, the advisors encouraged Tumaini to collaborate with other small farmers, allowing them to use her land and share the subsequent harvest. This symbiotic relationship proved highly beneficial, as it reduced Tumaini’s financial burden while fostering a sense of community among the farmers. With the profits she earned from this collaboration, Tumaini began saving and gradually diversified her business by engaging in the buying and selling of goats.

After implementing these strategies for one year, Tumaini was able to purchase a cow. This not only enhanced the fertility of her soil but also opened new doors of opportunity. Over time, the number of cows on her farm increased to five. The stable income generated from selling cows allowed Tumaini to shift her focus from goats to cows, expanding her business activities even further. Inkomoko’s business advisors continued to provide exceptional ideas, guiding her from cultivating crops to owning cows and entering the business of selling cows and milk.

Tumaini’s agricultural activities now generate a steady income of 500,000 Rwf ($450) per season. Additionally, she earns 90,000 Rwf ($80) per month from selling her cows’ milk. This financial stability has enabled Tumaini and her husband to work together on their family budget. They are now considering expanding their business within the camp by increasing their cow herd and exploring other profitable business opportunities.

At Inkomoko Rwanda, we have had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in Tumaini’s incredible journey. Our unwavering support and expertise have helped transform her life, turning her farming endeavors into thriving businesses. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to assist her and are filled with hope for her future. We envision a path of continuous growth and prosperity for Tumaini and her family.

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