Situated squarely in the Sahel Region, Chad hosts more than 1 million refugees from neighboring countries, with numbers increasing rapidly due to new arrivals in 2024 from the current Sudan conflict. Inkomoko decided to launch in Chad in 2024 with services to address the livelihoods needs of new arrivals and the 400,000 refugees from Darfur who have been in Chad since 2003. 


In its first year, Inkomoko will serve 600 refugee and host community entrepreneurs in the Northeast.  The goal is to provide new resources for improved livelihoods, job creation, and additional capital to the community. 


Freshly opened in August 2024, Inkomoko operations are in:

  • N’Djamena – Working in the urban N’Djamena allows Inkomoko to connect with key country leaders as well as support the youth, women, and refugee entrepreneurs working in the rapidly growing capital city. 
  • Farchana/Gaga – Few livelihoods programs exist in the East, and Inkomoko’s new operations here will provide a new solution for economic development for 600 entrepreneurs in 2024.


Inkomoko would like to thank the partners across Chad that have paved the way for our work with entrepreneurs in our initial stages:

  • Bet al Nadjah and Red Mangrove Consulting
  • CNARR - Commission Nationale d'accueil de Réinsertion des Réfugies
  • Tchad Ministry of Finance
  • UNHCR Chad
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