As the newest company in the Inkomoko family, operations in Ethiopia launched in 2022 to reach clients in refugee camps and the surrounding host communities. The Ethiopia administrative office is located in Bole Medhanialem, Cameroon Street, behind Medhanialem Mall, led by Mr. Neway Alemayehu, who has a dedicated career in refugee support.


In our first year of operations, Inkomoko has worked with over 600 clients, providing business advisory and training.

The first cohort of over 650 of our clients graduated in October 2022 in Jigjiga and Assosa after three months of training on how to develop a business model, introduction to bookkeeping, cash flow, and inventory management as well as investment readiness for small businesses. 

Through a partnership with Dashen Bank, capitalized with $500,000 USD, we are now providing access to finance for our clients who have successfully completed the advisory program.


Ethiopia will be one of Inkomoko’s fastest growing sites of operation, and we have plans for rapid expansion into new communities and geographies. Commencing in 2022, Inkomoko’s current sites are:

  • Jigjiga – the capital of the Somali region of Ethiopia, Inkomoko provides training and advisory, including in the host community and in the heart of Kebribeyah refugee camp. 70% of the clients in the first cohort for Jigjiga are women.
  • Assosa – mirroring Jigjiga, Assosa also provides business support to 300 clients, namely in the Sherkole camp of the Assosa in Western Ethiopia, along the border of Sudan.


Inkomoko is grateful for the steadfast partnership of leading entities in Ethiopia. In particular, Inkomoko would like to thank:

  • Dashen Bank
  • Ethiopia Refugee and Returnee Service
  • Ethiopia Ministry of Labor and Skills
  • Good Neighbors
  • Ikea Foundation
  • UNHCR Ethiopia
  • Vitol Foundation
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