From small-scale farmer to potato exporter: The inspiring story of Aline Uwineza

Aline Uwineza, a mother of three, started her journey as a small-scale potato farmer selling 200 kg of potatoes for 50,000 RWF ($45) in the Musanze market. With the aim of providing high-quality products to her clients, she expanded her business, and today, she sells 33,000 kgs of potatoes every week.

Aline’s success is built on her commitment to provide quality products to her clients. She carefully selects her potatoes to ensure that they meet the different needs of her clients, including hotels and restaurants in Rwanda (she is one of the key suppliers to the well-known Sina Gerard food processing company). She also exports to Uganda, Sudan, and beyond. 

“I take the selection process of potatoes very seriously. I differentiate between good quality potatoes and average ones and sell them at different prices. Over time, I have learned what customers are looking for in the market. The more I can respond to their needs, the more I will be referred to by other customers. That’s how I built my supply market channels,” Aline said.

She has established strong relationships with small farmers to ensure a steady supply of quality potatoes. This helps differentiate her products from those of her competitors.

“In 2019, I joined Inkomoko, because my business was struggling. I didn’t have expertise to effectively manage and boost both production and revenue. Today, I am profoundly grateful to Inkomoko for their invaluable support in elevating my business to a professional level.” she added.

Aline’s impact goes beyond her thriving business; she has also transformed her personal life. Through the knowledge she acquired from Inkomoko, Aline has become proficient in managing her resources, resulting in a significant increase in her income. In 2020, she built a 50 million RWF house, a testament to her hard work and sound financial management skills.

In addition to her personal success, Aline is looking to expand her impact even further. She is currently in discussions with the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) about exporting potatoes to more international markets, a move that has the potential to create new opportunities for small farmers and significantly boost Rwanda’s economy.

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