Mesfin Getahun: Refugee Entrepreneur, Job Creator, Community Leader

This Labour Day, we spotlight incredible client success stories like Mesfin. Mesfin Getahun Gebreyohanis is a force for economic empowerment within Kakuma refugee camp. His enterprise directly employs 51 individuals, drawn from both the refugee and host communities. These jobs provide more than just income; they offer stability, dignity, and a path to a better future.

Mesfin’s influence extends far beyond those on his payroll. Driven by a deep understanding of the struggles faced by refugees, he has become a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs within the camp. He generously shares his knowledge, providing mentorship, guidance, and even extending credit to those starting their own businesses.

His journey wasn’t always easy. Arriving in Kakuma as a refugee fleeing persecution, Mesfin began with humble work, washing dishes and sweeping floors. Yet, his determination and entrepreneurial spirit took root. With support from organizations like Inkomoko, who invested KES 16 million in his endeavors, he was able to transform his small business into a thriving enterprise.

Mesfin’s success extends beyond the bottom line. He passionately supports over 1500 students, ensuring they have access to education. This investment in the camp’s future is a hallmark of his generosity and commitment to building a stronger community for everyone.

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