Rising from the Ashes: Gisele and Fatuma’s Inspiring Stories of Resilience

Despite being separated by hundreds of kilometers and coming from different faiths and communities, Gisele and Fatuma are united by a shared spirit of triumphing over challenges.

Gisele Nyiraberwa, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Rwanda, had established a successful clothing business. However, her world was turned upside down last month when a devastating fire destroyed Kigeme market, reducing her hard work to ashes. The determined Gisele has already begun to rebuild. With Inkomoko’s support and a $2,300 investment loan, she is steadily piecing her business back together.

Similarly, Fatuma Rashid, a Somali refugee in Kenya’s Dadaab camp, has a story of resilience. Her grocery business has withstood not just one, but five separate fires. Despite this, Fatuma’s determination never wavered. She sought guidance from Inkomoko, sharpening her business skills. Through training and a $1,000 investment, she has not only revived her business but is also expanding it.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we honor these resilient women and should all be inspired by their journeys of rising from the ashes. Their stories are also powerful reminders of the vital contributions and impact we make everyday: empowering women is essential for driving progress in our communities. 

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