Elizabeth Lueth Nyanluak’s Journey from Refugee to Business Leader

Elizabeth Lueth Nyanluak’s story embodies the strength of determination and resilience. Originally from South Sudan, Elizabeth has been a resident of Kakuma refugee camp since its inception in 1992. 

In the face of challenges, Elizabeth has emerged as a remarkable entrepreneur, defying odds to achieve success. Overcoming both gender bias and physical limitations, she has not only survived but thrived. Her unique perspective and adaptive skills have propelled her to manage a thriving food store within the heart of Kakuma camp. 

Born in a small village on the outskirts of Juba, South Sudan, in the 1980s, Elizabeth’s life took a drastic turn due to political instability. Forced to relocate with her family to Kakuma as refugees, she swiftly adapted to her new reality. At just 18 years old, she began brewing and selling traditional alcohol within the camp to support her family. Despite the challenges she faced as a woman with a disability, she transformed these obstacles into motivation for success. 

Rather than succumbing to adversity, Elizabeth utilized it as a driving force. In 2008, she ventured into the food business as a small trader, selling sweets and refreshments. Today, her business has flourished into a notable grocery store that caters to the needs of her community. 

Elizabeth’s transformative journey commenced with Inkomoko training in 2021. The insights she gained into effective selling strategies and fresh ideas paved the way for her growth. Empowered by her new knowledge, she applied for and received a loan of 100,000 Kenyan shillings, further fueling her ambitions. 

Today, Elizabeth stands as the CEO of her own business, a thriving food store that serves her community with a diverse array of options. Her exceptional strategies for managing workload, coupled with her ability to leverage her disability as a strength, set her apart. Through a hands-on mentoring approach, she uplifts fellow women in her community, offering guidance through her unwavering positivity and tenacious approach to both business and personal life.

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