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Happiness Audit

We have open and honest conversations to understand what motivates the team and to proactively address challenges faced by employees. Below are just a few colleagues' comments from the 2021 Happiness Audit.

INKOMOKO is a great place to work, my favorite part of INKOMOKO is its culture and everyone is welcomed regardless of the position they hold.

I love daily collaboration with colleagues, we have a great team and this makes my work easy. I ‘m also very happy that I’m making social impact on building business skills for entrepreneurs.

I feel good about INKOMOKO and when I see how INKOMOKO impact people lives, I feel proud working with INKOMOKO as it expands in more locations.

I can start with the words: amazing, super happy. In finance, sometimes one can always do daily tasks, but having the chance to be part of the INKOMOKO leadership program, that is super amazing.


I am happy. I feel like this is the first position I’ve ever had where I feel like my voice is being heard.


The current policies are exciting and encouraging especially around parental leave, very progressive.


I am super excited about my position. Each day has something new to tackle and I love that environment. I am excited about strategic planning.

I like the culture. Tuko pamoja is really felt. Everyone is willing to listen and take time and come up with a solution.

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