Muvura Wood: A testimony of quality, innovation, and social responsibility

Muvura Wood Ltd. is a family business that specializes in making quality doors and furniture from Muvura Wood, a durable and beautiful hardwood. The company is located in Gisozi, Rwanda, and has been operating since 1980 under the name of AMFB (Atelier de Menuiserie et Fourniture du Bois). In 2013, the company rebranded itself as Muvura Wood to reflect its unique selling point: all its products are made of Muvula.

The company has faced many challenges over the years, such as lack of adequate machines, market access, and financial resources. However, with the help of Inkomoko, Muvura Wood has been able to overcome some of these obstacles and grow its business.

“We joined Inkomoko in 2021 and were looking for financial support to boost our activities. They gave us a loan of 30 million Rwf (about $25,000), which we used to buy wood drying equipment; very essential in preventing the wood from deforming and warping over time. This improved the quality and efficiency of our production,” says Marie Claire Muhawenimana, the manager of Muvura Wood.

Muvura Wood staff also received business training from Inkomoko on various topics, such as loan management, marketing, and customer service. The company learned how to use flyers, posters, exhibitions, and word-of-mouth to promote its products and attract more customers. Muvura Wood is also building its website to showcase its portfolio and enhance its online presence. 

“The training we received from Inkomoko was incredibly valuable. It taught us how to effectively handle our loan and ensure timely repayments. We also gained knowledge on marketing strategies to expand our customer base. Previously, we didn’t utilize posters or flyers to advertise our products. Inkomoko showed us the power of utilizing our satisfied clients as advocates for our high-quality products. Moreover, they encouraged us to distribute flyers at exhibitions we attend and in offices throughout Kigali and the entire country,” says Marie Claire.

As a result of these interventions, Muvura Wood has increased its sales and revenue. The company now has 50 workers, both permanent and temporary, compared to 10 workers they had ten years ago. The company serves customers from all over East Africa, especially families who want to equip their households with quality doors and furniture. Muvura Wood also supplies doors to offices and companies, averaging five orders per month. The company’s monthly revenue is about 10 million Rwf (about $8,500).

Inside Muvura Wood workshop

Muvura Wood is not only a successful business, but also a socially responsible one. The company is a member of ADARWA, a cooperative that aims to promote the work of carpentry in Rwanda. Through that cooperative, They were able to be selected among companies to provide practical training opportunities to students from TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) schools across the country. Since 2016, Muvura Wood has hosted 216 students. The company helps these students acquire skills and experience in woodworking and carpentry.

“We are happy to share our knowledge and skills with the young generation. We want them to learn how to make quality products from muvula wood and become successful entrepreneurs in the future,” says Marie Claire.

Muvura Wood is an example of how Inkomoko’s support can transform a small family business into a thriving enterprise that creates jobs, generates income, and contributes to the development of Rwanda.

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