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George Osina

Finance Director & Controller

George Osina is the Finance Director & Controller at Inkomoko, where he brings a wealth of knowledge with over 20 years of experience in the finance sector. 

Before his current role at Inkomoko, George has made significant contributions to large multinational organizations, serving major entities listed on prestigious stock exchanges such as the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Uganda Stock Exchange, Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Johannesburg Stock Exchange. His robust experience in financial stewardship is marked by a strong track record in financial reporting and treasury management.

George’s proficiency extends to the realm of big data and technological transformation, where he leverages his skills to foster innovation and efficiency. His forward-thinking approach and dedication to tech transformation have established him as an expert in the field, which guides Inkomoko towards a future of financial excellence and innovation.

George holds a CPA in Accounting from Vision Institute of Professionals in Kenya. He has a passion for strategy and leadership, George Osina is a pivotal force in shaping the financial landscape of Inkomoko, steering the company towards its strategic goals with precision and foresight.

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