Impact Stories

Anab Diriye benefits from Inkomoko entrepreneurship training program

Anab Diriye Hassan, a mother of five and sole breadwinner for her family, has lived in Dadaab for the past 20 years.  Dadaab is a semi-arid town in Garissa County, Kenya. It is the site of a UNHCR base hosting

Meet Kika Ngakani a successful businesswoman and vegetable farmer.

Successful businesswoman, vegetable farmer and refugee camp are not words that usually go together in the same sentence but this is the extraordinary story of Kika, one of the 40,000 clients that we have served over the last 10 years

The journey of D’Amour & her Airbnb

Entrepreneur, D’Amour, dreamed one day of opening a business within the Tourism and hospitality sector after years of travelling and staying in AirBnBs herself. In October 2019, her dream came true when Virunga Palace opened; a lovely bed and breakfast